Wendell Walsh

South Bend / Mishawaka, IN – Many people 65 and over who need nursing home care wind up applying for Medicaid. Applying can be very challenging and most seniors will benefit from having an Elder Law attorney handle the application process for them. May Oberfell Lorber attorneys Wendell Walsh and Marcel Lebbin represent seniors in this area.

It’s important to apply at the appropriate time. With advance planning, the person in the nursing home can be covered and the spouse at home can still maintain a decent quality of living.

The application is made on-line to Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). But the process is much more than answering questions on a computer screen. There are documents to be submitted, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, Social Security cards, bank account statements, verification of all income and household expenses, and more. Our team can gather the documents and see to it that they are completely submitted to FSSA, and on time.

If you think there’s any chance you or a loved one might need Medicaid coverage someday, contact the Elder Law attorneys at May Oberfell Lorber.

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