You are planning on adopting. You could look like any modern family out there. Perhaps you are adopting a child from foster care. Maybe you are a blended family and intent on adopting your blended family due to one reason or another. It could also be that you are in a loving same-sex partnership desiring to start a family of your own.

Whatever it may be, adoption law is complex and involves numerous areas where hiccups can occur. It is vital to have the experience of an adoption attorney assisting you along the way. The attorneys at May Oberfell Lorber have managed hundreds of adoptions over the years and have a robust practice in this area of the law. What you can expect when you start the adoption process:

You will have an initial meeting with the team – your attorney and paralegal – to discuss your case and walk you through the process of adoption. The entire process from background checks to final adoption hearing can take months. During that entire process both your attorney and paralegal will walk you every step of the way.

First, regardless of the type of adoption, adoption law requires you to undergo numerous background checks through state agencies and even have your fingerprints taken. A common mistake by other attorneys is failing to complete the long list of required background checks. You will receive all of this information at your initial meeting.

You may be required to file a notice with the putative father registry depending on the facts of your case. This will be discussed with you at the initial meeting to determine if it is necessary.

In some circumstances you will be required to notify grandparents of certain rights they would have that may survive the adoption process. Again, the facts surrounding your case will be discussed.

You will also need to effectuate proper service on the opposing party. This could mean service in person, through certified mail, through a professional server or by sheriff.

Finally, your attorney will undertake an analysis of whether consent of the biological parent is required or not. In some cases, our adoption law does not require the consent of the other party if the party has abandoned the child. In other cases, consent is required or a contested trial may be necessary.

Adoption law offers a wide variety of complex issues to sort through. Having an experienced attorney on your side will make that process easier.

Jon Rogers is happy to answer all questions you may have about your adoption. Your adoption is not merely a legal matter, it is a family matter, and the experiences and resources of May Oberfell Lorber will get your family started with your best foot forward.

This article is for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice.