Mediation & Arbitration

We strive to save you money and shorten the time it takes to solve your dispute by utilizing careful planning and strategic negotiation – in other words, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Using mediation, arbitration or summary jury trials, our lawyers successfully conclude many disputes without going to trial.

Our experience in ADR methods can help you avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits. We have the skills and training necessary to achieve effective results.

Here’s how our ADR methods work and why they are valuable in finalizing disputes quickly and efficiently:

  • Mediation - Utilizes an impartial person who is educated on the particular facts and legal issues in the case and then communicates directly with the parties and their counsel to focus solely on the settlement of all issues.
  • Arbitration - Binding and non-binding arbitration involves the use of individuals who sit in judgment of the case and render a specific opinion, essentially replacing a judge or a jury. This method is often used to resolve a dispute quickly if time is a factor.
  • Summary Jury Trial - Each party and their counsel present their respective positions before a panel of jurors, which then issues an advisory opinion regarding liability and damages. That opinion is then used in an effort to resolve the case.

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