With in-person trials beginning to ramp up again after the shutdowns caused by COVID-19, dusting off trial skills becomes important. In this episode of The Litigation Psychology Podcast, Dr. Bill Kanasky speaks to trial attorneys Paul Motz of Segal McCambridge and Georgianne Walker of May Oberfell Lorber about the art and science of cross examination. Paul and Georgianne discuss their individual philosophies around cross examination, how they make decisions about the approach they will take for cross based on the jury, and how they handle cross examination of an adverse co-defendant.

Paul and Georgianne also share specific case examples and stories, talk about the role that gender might play in their cross examination strategy, how they manage cross examination of expert witnesses, and how they help their own witnesses when they are being attacked by opposing counsel

Lastly, the group discusses how they have been, and expect to, manage the physical distance COVID protocols in place when doing cross examination.

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